Portable systems

SuperBlast – King of the Hill

  • Low profile – reduces strain of lifting
  • EZ Fill – breaks bags on contact
  • Sound attenuator
  • Dry-Flo moisture and oil separator
  • Compact front mount controls
  • Large piping
  • Flexible air line
  • Sure-Flo grit valve
  • Rugged pressure valve
  • Lifted eyes
  • Wide handle

Pneumatic Blast and Recovery

  • Reduces cost because of recycled media
  • Relies on exclusive cyclonic media reclaimer
  • Incorporates superblast pressure with remote control for ease of operation
  • Permits conveying air to be recirculated into workplace

Fastrips Portables

  • Faster, safer, more efficient
  • Strips delicate surfaces
  • Precise removal of old coatings
  • Doesn’t employ toxic chemicals
  • Available in cabinet and portable models


  • Compact pressure blaster
  • Vessel certification fro safety
  • Flexible air hoses
  • Wheels for portablitily
  • Pressure gauge
  • Ideal for spot blasting and detailed work


  • Handles fine media
  • Cleans and strips delicate substrates
  • Quickly and safely removes old coatings or unwanted residue from soft metals or other sensitive surfaces
  • Used for any application that requires a “light touch”