Airless Hoses & Fittings

We stock a complete line of airless hoses and related fittings. We can supply hoses of all sizes, lengths and working pressures. Our line of high pressure fittings includes all sizes necessary to link hoses together and hook up to pumps of all sizes.

Hose Sizes:3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2″ & 3/4″

Working Pressures: 3,000 PSI – 10,000 PSI

(Available pressures vary by hose size)

Airless Gun Swivels& Inline Filters

We offer a variety inline swivel and filter options. Our complete line of swivels features a range of thread sizes and working pressures that will accommodate all types of operating conditions. Our high pressure inline filter allows for additional screening of the material before it passes through the gun and features replaceable filter elements. Replaceable filters are available with 60 & 100 mesh screens.

239-663   3,600 PSI Swivel (1/4” Male NPT X 1/4” Female Swivel)
204-084   8,000 PSI Swivel (1/4” Male NPT X 1/4” Female Swivel)
189-018   7,500 PSI Swivel (1/4” Male Swivel X 1/4” Female Swivel)
214-925   5,000 PSI Swivel (1/4” Male NPT X 3/8” Female NPT)
214-926   5,000 PSI Swivel (1/2” Female Swivel X 3/8” Female NPT)
207-948   6,000 PSI Zee Swivel (1/2” Male NPT X 1/2” Female Swivel)

210-500   3,000 PSI Inline Filter Assembly
205-265   60 Mesh Replacement Filter
205-264   100 Mesh Replacement Filter

High Pressure Ball Valves

We stock a complete line of high pressure ball valves to outfit your pump or fluid manifold. We can also supply custom valve solutions for situations where you may have extremely high operating pressures or special types of fluid service. 

210-657   1/4″ X 1/4″ HP Ball Valve (3,600 PSI)
210-658   3/8” X 3/8” HP Ball Valve (3,600 PSI)
210-659   3/8” X 1/4″ HP Ball Valve (3,600 PSI)

214-037   1/4″ X 1/4″ HP Ball Valve (5,000 PSI)
223-960   3/8” X 3/8” HP Ball Valve (5,000 PSI)

BV2-04-NPT   1/4″ X 1/4″ HP Ball Valve (7,250 PSI)
BV2-06-NPT   3/8″ X 3/8″ HP Ball Valve (7,250 PSI)


RAC 5 Tip System

One of the most widely used tip systems in the world. Long lasting and suitable for most types of coatings, this tip is a perfect choice for all types of industrial, commercial and residential applications. Comes packaged with Graco’s OneSeal™ – Optional Solvent seals are available for use with hot solvents.

Tip Guard: 237-859
Graco RAC 5 Tip Guard

XHD Tip System

Graco’s XHD tip system is designed to spray high solids industrial coatings at higher pressures. Its rugged design is ideal for long lasting service under extreme application conditions.

Tip Guard : XHD-001
Graco XHD Tip Guard Image

RAC X Tip System

The RAC X system is designed to provide superior longevity, fan pattern consistency and finish characteristics.

Tip Guard : 246-215
Graco RAC X Tip Guard Image

Fine Finish Tip System

Graco’s RAC X fine finish tips offer an unmatched finish compared to other airless tip systems. By operating at lower atomizing pressures, transfer efficiency is increased, overspray reduced and the fan pattern is tightened.

Line Lazer RAC 5 Tip System

Graco’s Line Lazer tip system was designed specifically for striping applications on parking lots, roads, warehouse floors and athletic fields. These tips are perfect for creating clean, laser-sharp lines with clearly defined edges and are built to ensure consistent paint thickness from edge to edge.

Tip Guard : 237-859
Graco RAC 5 Tip Guard

Extensions and Tip Guard Swivel Adapters

Graco manufactures a variety of spray gun extensions and guard swivels to assist with long length or hard-to-reach applications. Extensions can be combined to create custom lengths and have seal options available to handle various fluid types. All extensions include their respective tip guard.Adapters currently available include 45° fixed head and 180° adjustable head versions. Both adapters will work with all Graco tip systems.

RAC 5 Extensions:

243-295 – 10 inch extension (4,050 PSI)
243-296 – 15 inch extension (4,050 PSI)
243-297 – 20 inch extension (4,050 PSI)
243-298 – 30 inch extension (4,050 PSI)

RAC X Extensions:

287-019 – 10 inch extension (4,050 PSI)
287-020 – 15 inch extension (4,050 PSI)
287-021 – 20 inch extension (4,050 PSI)
287-022 – 30 inch extension (4,050 PSI)

Swivel Adapters: 235-486 – 180° swivel adapter (3,600 PSI) 224-399 – 45° swivel adapter (3,600 PSI)

Graco Pole Guns

Graco’s extended reach tools allow you to safely spray hard-to-reach areas without the need for scaffolding or ladders. These poles can be adapted to existing airless guns or be used with Graco’s Contractor In-Line Valve for optimal positioning and operator comfort. This in-line valve also features a filter in the handle and a built in swivel for better performance. With its unique needle valve design, Graco’sCleanShot™ shut-off valve offers instant on/off functioning (no spitting) and a cleaner pattern. This attachment will also allow the applicator to adjust the tip and guard up to 180° for added convenience. The CleanShot™ valve will function properly with a minimum of 700 PSI at the tip.

287-023   3’ Pole Gun Assembly (3,600 PSI)
287-024   6’ Pole Gun Assembly (3,600 PSI)
244-161   Contractor In-Line Valve (3,600 PSI)
287-030    CleanShot™ Valve (3,600 PSI)

Graco Pressure Rollers

When overspray is an issue and rolling is the only option, Graco pressure rollers allow you to complete the same process in less time and with less mess. These systems allow you to feed the specialized roller naps with material on demand utilizing your existing airless system. When you need more paint – just hit the trigger!

Pressure roller systems are available as a fixed 20” extension w/ 45° angle, a telescoping extension adjustable to 36” and as a fixed assembly using the Contractor In-Line valve. Roller frames are available in 9” and 12” widths. Roller naps are available with a variety of nap thicknesses to suit your specific application. 

244-279   9” Roller assembly with 20” extension and 45° adapter (3,600 PSI)
244-281   9” Roller assembly with 18”-36” telescoping extension (3,600 PSI)
245-397   9” Roller assembly with 20” extension and Contractor In-Line Valve assembly (3,600 PSI)

Graco Pressure Roller Frames and Accessories

Roller Frames

244-721   9” Roller frame assembly with 7/8” thread for use with fixed and heavy duty extensions
244-623   9” Roller fame assembly with 1/8” NPT thread for use with telescoping extensions
240-005   9” Geosperse™ replacement roller frame assembly (tube and nap holder only)
240-055   12” Geosperse™ replacement roller frame assembly (tube and nap holder only)

Pressure Roller Naps

107-589   9” Roller cover – 3/8” nap
107-590   9” Roller cover – 1/2″ nap
107-591   9” Roller cover – 3/4″ nap
107-592   9” Roller cover – 1-1/4″ nap
186-944   12” Roller cover – 1/2″ nap
186-945   12” Roller cover – 3/4″ nap
186-946   12” Roller cover – 1-1/4” nap