Binks®MX Series Airless Pumps

When using airless pumps for coating application, few things are more important than performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. Binks has been a leader in airless pump technology for decades and throughout this time their focus has been creating reliable equipment that outlasts and outperforms. The MX Pump is the culmination of years of real-world industry testing and practical engineering.


The information listed below will help to illustrate the major reasons why MX pump technology is superior to most pumps found on the market. We have included breakdowns of all major components to highlight the pump’s simplicity of design and unbeatable user-friendliness.

Simplicity of Design

Fewer Parts = Less Troubleshooting = Fewer Repairs






Quick breakdown and repair of pump = less downtime


Fluid Section Repairs


  • With proper tools, the MX lower end can be removed from the pump in just a few minutes.After that, complete stripping down and repacking of the fluid section can be achieved within a short amount of time.
  • Packing cartridges make installation of upper and lower packing sets quick and effective.
  • Piston rod has ceramic coated upper and lower sections that significantly reduce friction wear and prolong packing life. Stepped rod design eliminates the need for additional cylinder.
  • Because packings are fixed in place, rod and upper/lower housings do not require precision grind to function properly. This means that if the fluid section is locked up or “trashed”, it is likely that you will not have to replace the upper/lower housing.

Air Motor Repairs

  • MX air motor does not require lubrication.
  • Poppet valves are most common wear item on air motor. Can be replaced in minutes.
  • Trouble-free operation – spooling valve has no seals or springs and magnetic detents prevent stalling. Large valve body design eliminates risk of freezing.
  • Runs quieter. Runs longer.  Runs Better!  

You’ve seen the parts, now see them in action!

MX Pump – Internal Operation

MX Pump In Action