When outfitting your blasting setup, one of the primary items responsible for maintaining productivity is the blast nozzle. Choosing the right nozzle for the job can involve the correct balance of size, shape and material hardness. To ensure that you have what you need, when you need it, we stock a versatile line of industrial grade blast nozzles suited to handle the needs of any application. Listed below are the most common types of nozzles utilized in our industry however it is only a fraction of what is available to us. If you have a special application or if you’re unsure what type of nozzle is best suited to your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

For help with understanding the differences in nozzle technology, air/abrasive consumption and nozzle materials, please check out our educational page located within the technical library menu above or by clicking on the link below.

“Understanding Blast Nozzle Size, Shape and Alloy”
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TLVE-P Series Nozzles

The TLVE line of long venturi nozzles is our best selling and most widely used type of nozzle for industrial blasting applications. Its tungsten carbide construction provides for hours of consistent use and a significant increase in lifespan when compared to ceramic and steel nozzles. The exterior design features a reinforced polyurethane jacket and brass threads so that the whole assembly is resistant to breakage. This nozzle is economically priced and built to perform well under most conditions.

Note: This nozzle is also available with polyurethane or zinc alloy threads in place of brass for a more economical and lighter alternative.


Nozzle Bore Size CFM Consumption @ 100 PSI Part Number
3/16” 45 CFM TLVE-3P
1/4″ 81 CFM TLVE-4P
5/16” 137 CFM TLVE-5P
3/8” 196 CFM TLVE-6P
7/16” 254 CFM TLVE-7P
1/2″ 338 CFM TLVE-8P

BLVE-P Series Nozzles

The BLVE series offers the same physical appearance and design as the TLVE series listed above, but excels in performance and longevity by making use of boron carbide in place of tungsten. Boron carbide is proven to last 5 – 10 times longer than tungsten thus allowing for longer periods of consistent air and abrasive consumption. When comparing cost factors between tungsten and boron, and taking into consideration the significantly longer lifespan associated with boron nozzles, research proves that investing in boron technology will increase productivity, reduce abrasive waste and provide greater return on investment. The physical composition of boron is also lighter than tungsten making this nozzle about half the weight of its TLVE counterpart.

Nozzle Bore Size CFM Consumption @ 100 PSI Part Number
3/16” 45 CFM BLVE-3P
1/4″ 81 CFM BLVE-4P
5/16” 137 CFM BLVE-5P
3/8” 196 CFM BLVE-6P
7/16” 254 CFM BLVE-7P
1/2″ 338 CFM BLVE-8P

XL Performance Nozzles

The XL Performance nozzle was designed with maximum efficiency in mind. The ultra-long bore design of this nozzle allows for massive increases in abrasive velocity, improving cleaning and removal rates and increasing productivity – and all of this is accomplished while maintaining the same CFM and abrasive consumption rates associated with standard long venturri nozzles. In extended reach situations where the operator is placed at a greater distance from the surface, this nozzle will allow for a larger blast pattern without experiencing a loss in cutting ability at surface to nozzle distances up to 48”. Constructed with Kennametal’s BP200 SiAlON Material, this nozzle’s weight is significantly lighter than tungsten despite having double the overall length.

Nozzle Bore Size CFM Consumption @ 100 PSI Part Number
1/4″ 81 CFM SN159-4XL 12
5/16” 137 CFM SN159-5XL 12
3/8” 196 CFM SN159-6XL 12
7/16” 254 CFM SN159-7XL 12
1/2″ 338 CFM SN159-8XL 12

Double Venturi Nozzles

Double venture nozzles were designed to provide the operator with a larger blast pattern at a slight reduction in velocity. This is accomplished by incorporating atmospheric air through vented ports in the nozzles midsection. This integrated air helps with the dispersing of material and reducing the nozzle’s recoil, further helping to reduce operator fatigue. Typical increases in blast pattern size are between 25% – 35% at the surface.

Nozzle Bore Size CFM Consumption @ 100 PSI Part Number
3/16” 45 CFM T125-3
1/4″ 81 CFM T125-4
5/16” 137 CFM T125-5
3/8” 196 CFM T125-5
7/16” 254 CFM T125-7
1/2″ 338 CFM T125-8

Bazooka Nozzles

Bazooka nozzles were designed to increase total coverage per pass thus increasing your cleaning rates across a broader surface area. By adjusting inlet air pressure at the nozzle, you can fine tune the Bazooka nozzle’s efficiency to quickly achieve a near white/white metal or commercial (sweep) degree of cleanliness. With proper air supply, the Bazooka nozzle can produce a blast pattern up to 60% larger at the surface.

Nozzle Bore Size CFM Consumption @ 90-100 PSI
(Commercial/Sweep Blast)
CFM Consumption @ 125-150 PSI
(White Metal/Near White)
Part Number
1/4″ 81 CFM 95 CFM T159-4VP
5/16” 137 CFM 190 CFM T159-5VP
3/8” 196 CFM 275 CFM T159-6VP
7/16” 254 CFM 315 CFM T159-7VP
1/2″ 338 CFM 430 CFM T159-8VP
3/4″ 800 CFM 1,100 CFM T159-12VP

Forward, Right and Reverse Angle Nozzles

When an application requires the operator to direct media around corners or into tight spaces, it is common practice to try and “ricochet” material from one surface on to another in attempts to blast hard to reach areas. This process is ineffective since the material’s velocity decreases significantly after it first contacts the surface. The most efficient solution to this problem is to redirect the material at whatever angle needed directly through the nozzle’s outlet so that velocity is maintained on to the intended target. Our angle nozzles are available with (forward) 45°, 60°, (right) 90° and (reverse) 120°, 125° configurations with each available in single, double, triple or quad outlets. Any of the above options can be cast in tungsten, boron or even the ultra-long lasting ROCTEC® material. Please contact us for specific part numbers and pricing.

Banana Nozzles

The banana nozzle was created to provide a direct blast to the surface while providing maximum clearance with nozzle’s exterior body. The banana nozzle features a straight bore nozzle continuously bent at a 40° angle. This bend allows the operator to insert the nozzle into tight spaces, around corners and through holes up to 13/16” in diameter providing versatility not seen with larger angle nozzles. If using large diameter blast hose with standard nozzle holders, a separate adapter must be used with the nozzle to ensure that the material is efficiently stepped down and focused into the banana nozzle’s smaller bore.

Nozzle Bore Size CFM Consumption @ 100 PSI Part Number
6mm 81 CFM 6mm Banana Nozzle
8mm 137 CFM 8mm Banana Nozzle
10mm 196 CFM 10mm Banana Nozzle

Water Injection (WIN) Nozzles

Kennametal’s WIN Nozzle was designed to provide a low cost and user friendly water injection solution for operators that want to make use of their standard blasting equipment. Its simple design accepts a standard garden hose hookup allowing you to use regular tap water or fluids treated with rust inhibitors. Water consumption is adjustable and can be easily set between 3/4 – 6 quarts per minute depending on the level of dust suppression the operator desires. This nozzle is available in both Tungsten Carbide and the lightweight BP200 SiAION.

Nozzle Bore Size CFM Consumption @ 100 PSI Part Number
3/16” 45 CFM WIN-3
1/4″ 81 CFM WIN-4
5/16” 137 CFM WIN-5
3/8” 196 CFM WIN-6
7/16” 254 CFM WIN-7
1/2″ 338 CFM WIN-8