Blast Pot Screens – These screens are designed to drop into the loading funnel on top of your portable machine and assist with keeping large trash out of the vessel during the loading process. These screens can be lined with graded wire screen material to help re-screen spent abrasive for reuse.

Sizes Available: 10”, 14”, 16”, 20”, 24”, 30” & 36”

Blast Pot Lids – These custom fitted lids are designed to sit on top of the machine and keep debris and rainfall from entering the vessel through the abrasive inlet.

Sizes Available: 10”, 14”, 16”, 20”, 24”, 30” & 36”

Inline Moisture Trap – Moisture contamination in your airlines can lead to premature failure of valves that contain rubber or metal components and cause abrasive within the machine to bind together stopping abrasive flow and potentially require costly shutdowns to clean out the vessel’s interior. The addition of an inline moisture separator can assist in removing these moisture particles out of the air supply, extending the life of your valves and keeping your production going. These filters are available in thread sizes ranging from 1/4″ – 2” and have a large offering of CFM capacities to handle whatever flow rates your system requires.

Inline Air Regulator – Proper air regulation is key to ensuring consistent CFM and abrasive consumption as well as reducing unnecessary wear on equipment. By installing an inline air regulator on the inlet valve of your blast machine, you can fine tune your pot pressure to operate at lower or higher pressures thus allowing you to effectively clean the substrate without exceeding the CFM capabilities of your compressor. These regulators are available in thread sizes ranging from 1/4″ – 2” and have a large offering of CFM capacities to handle whatever flow rates you might have.

Electric Conversion Kit – When running exceptionally long lengths of blast hose, pneumatic remote signals from the deadman to the inlet valve can experience severe lag, contributing to slow stop/start intervals and creating unnecessary abrasive waste. A proven solution to this problem is replacing the pneumatic remote signal with an electric deadman system. Our “bolt on” electric conversion upgrade allows you to adapt this technology directly on to any standard inlet valve. Compatible with either fixed or portable power sources, these systems can be wired with your choice of 12v or 120v solenoids.

Loading Rack System – Designed specifically for Forecast “S” Series machines, these racks can be adapted to the existing frame allowing for easy laydown and loading/unloading out of the back of any standard pickup truck or trailer. The extra clearance afforded by the rack prevents valves and valve components from being damaged or crushed when the machine is laid down.

Blast Machine Timer System – Forecast’s timer control box allows you to monitor and record the total amount of time that the blast machine controls are engaged. This data allows you to track machine usage throughout a given time frame or job period and help with ensuring that you are on track with job costing. If you have an in-house maintenance program, this unit provides easy tracking of machine wear and usage. No external power supply necessary – this unit’s power is generated by a high power 10-year lithium battery. Information can only be reset with the access keys provided thus preventing unauthorized tampering with the unit.

Union End Ball Valve Upgrade – The full port union end ball valve is installed between the cone base and the sand (metering) valve on the bottom of the blast pot. This valve allows for complete shut-off of the abrasive material out of the machine and simple removal of the entire sand valve assembly from the machine. This will significantly reduce repair times when servicing the machine’s lower end and help to decrease downtime. Both ends of this valve are machined with 1-1/4” female threads.