Clemco “Classic” Series Portable Blast Machines

Over 50 years of experience in the blasting industry have led to the production of Clemco’s classic blast machine series.  Tough, reliable, simple in design, user friendly and easy to troubleshoot – these are the characteristics that make this machine one of the most widely used systems in the world.  Available in 0.5 – 20 cu. ft. capacities, we have the right size portable or stationary machine for your operation.  Valve systems on the Classic series can be configured to work with pneumatic or electric remotes.  On larger units, an abrasive cut off option is available for easy blow down of blasted surfaces.  These units can also be configured with any of Clemco’s full line of abrasive metering valves to meet your specific needs.  Consult the brochure below for the complete listing of available machines.

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Clemco “Contractor” Series Portable Blast Machines

Clemco’s Contractor machine combines the reliability of the Classic series with added features intended to increase portability and functionality.  In efforts of reducing operator injury and strain on the body, Clemco has incorporated a 4 wheel tilt-back support system on each Contractor unit.  This allows the operator to lean back a fully loaded machine and easily reposition or relocate the machine without having to support its full weight.  Since clean operator air is a necessary part of every blasting operation, a CPF-20 breathing air purifier is mounted directly to the frame of the blast pot.  The blast hose, remote twin line hose and breathing hoses all have integrated attachment points located on the front of the machine for convenient access with minimal clutter.  The Clemco Contractor machine comes in 2, 4 & 6 cu. ft. capacities.  Valve systems are available with pneumatic or electric remotes wired for either 12V or 120V power sources.  Consult the brochure below for all the available machine options.

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