In our industry, seeking out solutions to increase daily productivity while decreasing costs, without compromising worker safety, can be a challenge. Buying abrasive in small bags is a matter of convenience, however, it can be costly in the long run due to higher packaging costs and labor hours spent loading and unloading bags. At the same time, purchasing material in bulk, while cost effective, requires a large stationary hopper and committing to a minimum of 24 tons of material at a time. The Spartan Universal Blasting System was designed to bridge the gap between these two methods of abrasive consumption by equipping the operator/business owner with the means to make use of material in bulk bags while increasing productivity and improving worker safety.

How is this possible?

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The unit:

• The Spartan unit is a two-part system comprised of a base skid and portable hopper unit. The base skid will allow you to bolt down your portable blast machine so that it is easily transported and placed in position beneath the portable hopper when filling is needed. This unit is compatible with most commonly available portable blast machines and features enough space to mount a breathing air purifier. The base skid also features exterior hanging racks for storage of air and blast hose assemblies. All of this helps to reduce clutter and keep the machine and its accessories organized. All components are sandblasted and powder coated black for a long-lasting finish.

• The hopper unit can be used in conjunction with the base skid or as a standalone unit. If loaded and used without the base skid, the hopper will allow you to dispense a full bulk bag to as many vessels as needed. When not in use, the hopper’s stable base and small footprint allow it to be stored safely and with minimal obstruction on the ground, on your trailer or in the back of a pickup truck.

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The Process:

• With the hopper seated on the ground and the lid removed, a forklift is used to raise and load a bulk bag of any abrasive (up to 5,000 lbs*) directly into the hopper. Once the bag is empty, the lid is replaced and the hopper is ready for use.

• The full hopper can be placed back on to the top of the base skid for direct loading of material in to the blast pot or transported with the forklift to various blast machines or vessels throughout your facility or jobsite.

• Once in place with the hopper’s slide gate centered over the blast machine’s abrasive loading section, pulling outward on the heavy-duty slide gate will allow a steady flow of abrasive to come out of the hopper and in to the machine. Once the desired amount has been dispensed, simply returning the slide gate to its closed position will stop the flow of abrasive and the hopper can then be transported to another vessel or placed in storage. The lid included with the hopper system will help prevent environmental contamination making storage of abrasive for later usage possible.

*Abrasive capacity is based off of material with a bulk density of 100 lbs/ft³

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The Benefits:

• Cost saving associated with purchasing abrasive in bulk bags can be significant. Saving money with every abrasive purchase provides significant gains over time and yields an immediate return on investment.

• Manually loading 50 or 100 lb bags into the machine multiple times throughout the day consumes a considerable amount of time, exposes workers to potential injury and unnecessary fatigue and presents the possibility of debris from the bags making it into the machine and plugging up the sand valve. These factors can be costly to productivity and profitability. Mechanically loading a single bulk bag into the Spartan hopper takes only a few minutes, eliminates the physical strain on worker’s bodies and allows for quick dispensing of material when needed.

Abrasive Cost Savings + Maximized Labor per Hour + Reduced Worker Injury/Fatigue = Increased Profitability & Productivity